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Overview 总览
Calling on math students of all grades, and all levels of competency!

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    Course Catalogue
    • 课程目录

All courses are listed in categories with proper labels:

foundation High School Foundation, eliteElite,
challenge The Challenges and foundation Junior Enhancement.

Information is summarized as below. While reading the table below, click "Read More" to check course details and descriptions.

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Course Name
Grade *
Lecture Hours
Short Notes /Fees Schedules
foundation Elementary
Read More
G 5, 6, 7 1 hour per week
x 15 weeks
$180 for 15 lesson hrs Look up Time Table
(to be posted)
challenge The Challenges
@Junior /High School
Math Intermediate Challenge II
Read More
G 10 1.25 hrs x 37 weeks Prepare Contests
at Intermediate level
$740 for 46.25 lesson hrs
Look up TimeTable
Math Intermediate Challenge I
Read More
G 9 1.25 hrs x 37 weeks
$740 for 46.25 lesson hrs
Look up TimeTable
foundation Junior
Math Junior 9
Read More
G 9 1 hr x 37 weeks  
Math Junior 8
Read More
G 8 1 hr x 37 weeks
$592 for 37 lesson hrs
Look up TimeTable
Math Junior 7
Read More
G 7 1 hr x 37 weeks

Category foundation has a "basic + enhancement" model, and category challenge encourages all students to participate in challenges and actively prepares them for the math contests.

Notes for Grade 12 Math

Grade 12 Math is offered as an elite class for grade 12 students. Topics include select topics from math 30/31, and or prepare for "Euclid contest".

  • Math Foundations:
    • 数学课: 打基础 再提高 系列
  • Currently offered in two series: High School Math Program (for grade 10, 11) and Junior Math Enhancement Program (for grade 8/9).
    • (a)

      High School Math Foundation

      foundation -- Include Math 10 and Math 20.

      Guidance is offered in helping students to acquire the ways of learning of high school math. Have a transformed learning, and make a good start!

      Math 10 Transition -- introductory to high school math. This course is taught in a way to bridge gaps between junior-level content and the high school math content. We guide students step-by-step! Basic concepts and essential methods are emphasized; we train students to find solution strategies, and illustrate tips to work on problems effectively and fast.
      Math20 @MathCorner15 is open to students who reached the learning goal of Math 10. In this course, algebra and functions are studied in depths, and essential laws in algebra and trigonometry are introduced. The focus is on mastering the basic -- as they are so important, but also provide the opportunity of learning optional enhancement topics. Students mastering Math 20 typically do well in Math 30 and will have the confidence in entering higher mathematics.

      2015 Fall offering: Both are accepting new students. 1.5 hours per week. To start in the week of October 5 - 11th and running through January of 2016 (in total 16 weeks). January start (will be running till June) is also available.
      Please contact us
      As a side note, the follow-up sessions of individual attention (e.g 1-on-1 tutoring) is available if requested.
      Comparing to Junior Math, students should expect more efforts in studying and doing assignments. Students in high school, as we understand, have a heavy workload. Adjusting the homework (e.g. keeping pace or avoid repetition with assignments from public schools) is possible -- just talk to us.

    • (b)

      Math Junior Enhancement Program

      foundation -- Math Junior grade 8, grade 9

      The purpose of Math Junior Program is to strengthen student's math foundation in all aspects of junior math, including algebra (numbers and expressions), geometry (shapes, spaces, and properties), patterns and transforms, and data and statistics.

      Built in these courses are essential math skills and methods as well as the enhancement component. The basic level is aligned to the core contents of most Canadian provinces, while the enhancement will get students familiar with concepts at higher recognition /mastery levels; also discuss important methods and pose challenges for students suitable at their level and ability.

      In successfully completing the basic units of Math Junior Program, students are expected to have the ability to do well in school math, as well as to built a solid foundation to confidently enter math study in the high school. Upon successfully completing the enhancement component, students are expected to perform well at Gauss contest (grade 7/8) and Pascal Contest (grade 9). They will be in an advantageous position entering high school math.

      2015 Fall offering: Both are accepting new students. 1 hour per week. To start in the week of September 8th and running through the academic year. In total 37 lecture hours. Please contact us

  • Math Challenges Series
    • 数学课: 挑战和竞赛 系列
  • Currently, we offer 2 courses: respectively offered at grade-9 level and grade 10 level.
    When there is sufficient interest, we will offer the course at grade 11 level (aimed at Hypatia / Canadian Senior Math Contest) and at grade 12 level (aimed at Euclid contest).

    • (c)

      Math Intermediate Challenge -- preparing for Contests

      challenge -- Math Intermediate Challenge -- grade 9
      -- Math Intermediate Challenge -- grade 10

      The purpose of Math Intermediate Challenge Program @MathCorner15 is to offer an opportunity for those academic strong students to take extra challenges to stimulate their math skill development, and to prepare for taking the math Contests. This course uses the proved-effective material and teaching / learning methods.

      Students who have taken the Math Challenge series in the past won many awards in the challenges they choose -- from national math contests to Canada-wide /international open math challenges. Each year we update teaching material according to the most recent math contests and our analysis for the trend of contest problems.

      The COMC - Canadian Olympic Math Challenge - is recommended to the students who want the highest level challenges. Starting at grade 10, the best and brightest students can test their talents by preparing and taking part in COMC.

    • (d)

      Math Senior Challenge (grade 11) and Grade 12 Math

      -- These courses are offered on-demand, or by Requests only.

      Senior High Lessons are for academic strong students in grade 11. The benchmark is the Canadian Senior Math Competition. In Grade 12 Math, we look at training students mastering all levels they've learned, as well as fast-forward to introduce the math they'll need at college / university level (e.g. functions and calculus).

      The COMC - Canadian Olympic Math Challenge - is recommended to the students who want the highest level challenges. Students at grade 11 are at the best time to sprint to top performance in COMC -- and the best and the brightest also have the opportunity to qualify for Canadan Math Olympiad. (Don't wait till grade 12, you'll be too busy to prepare for math contests.)

      Please contact us if you do have an interest. Students who are to take Euclid Contest (Grade 12, Ontario curriculum) can talk to us too.
      We restrict enrollment of Senior Lesson to 3-4 students per session. Students can expect intense communications and interactions with their teacher.

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Math Programs focus on results: we help students' reaching their goals
数学课 注重结果 -- 我们帮助学生们达成预定目标

In MathCorner15, we focus on the results by offering the best teaching and tutoring that fit: students have abundance of choices from our program.

We offer both small classes and 1-on-1 tutoring. And students may find it useful to combine the lessons with tutoring (e.g. as requests for attention to individual student), too. We acknowledge student's diversity in learning math. For students: Tell us your ambition or struggle in the math learning, help is on the way!

We commit to communicate with all students and their parents on a regular basis -- students and parents see the progresses, and by working together everyone see the the roads ahead leading to the goal!

For math-challenge lovers: our teaching / coaching is aimed at transforming a good student to an excellent master of math methods. We will guide you to surpass peers and excel yourself, so as to build your confidence and ability. We help you to get to next step and you can take the challenges of your choices!



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