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2015 Fall @Jonah's Math Corner

Join us to learn math in a better way: our teachers have the experience, and they have the passion in helping students!

The courses offered in 2015 Fall are in two categories: Math Foundations (basic + enhancement), as well as Math Challenge Series (for advanced students seeking challenges of preparing for math contests).

Whether you are struggling with math, you want to jump ahead of your peers; or you are seeking extra challenge like taking part in a math contests, we are here to help.

Math Foundations:

Open to all students from grade 7 - 12. These courses started at the basic level to enable students clearly understand the concepts and learn the essential methods. Enhancement component is built-in in the latter part of the lesson.
Students who seek more challenges are adviced of the option to choose from the math challenge series.

Math Start - A New Leaf leaf

The first course in your junior middle or high school math study. A new leaf, and a new stage in your study.
For students: you want to do well in your first course, right? As the phrase says: "well begun, half done!"

Math Junior 7

Math 10 Transition

  Look details: Math 10

Math Keep Going - leaf

From a good start, continue to make effort: you can do better!

Math Junior 8

Math Junior 9*

  Look details: Math Junior 8, 9*

In the following high school core math lessons, you'll discover a beautiful math landscape.
You'll also learn the systematic approach of how math works. Are you ready?

Math 20 (IB /regular)

Math 30* (IB /regular)

Look for details Math 20  


Challenge Series

Are you taking math contests at grade-9 and higher levels (when peers at Gauss contests have quit taking contests)? If you are, the Math Challenge Series is for you.
Math Challenges series are currently offered for students in grade 9, 10, 11, 12.

For more information, check our catalogue of all courses.



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