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  Math Lessons for 2018 - 2019 @Jonah's Corner; Revised: August 15th, 2018.
Classes start in September 2018.
New students are accepted throughout the year 2018 Fall - 2019 Spring.

For Consultation or Inquiry: 4036908878, Email:,

Registration on-line is OPEN.

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Our Office: Jonah' s Math Corner
831 Hunterhaven Road, NW; Calgary T2K 4K4

time Classes run from September 2018 until June 2019 (some lessons finish earlier in May; some others run for one term only)。 There will be math classes starting from January 2019, which is to be announced at the end of this year.
The first class in September is scheduled to be 1st or 2nd week of September -- Be announced soon.

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We focus on math concepts, methods and problem solving, as well as encouraging clear written presentation in math homework. Lessons are delivered to engage students and create the setting for active learning.
For high school class, lessons are categorized into the foundation series and challenging series, to serve the diversified needs of all students. Fee standard in the table below are for lessons in which 3 or more students registered. For 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 tutoring, a difference fee standard will apply. Please call or talk to us.

Call to discuss if you have any questions regarding the fee schedule, Early-bird discount deadline is September 9th of 2018.

Horizontally scroll to see all parts of the table. Where it indicates "tbd", the exact time slot is to be determined.

Name of Course

Scheduled Class Time

(Alternative Class Time)

Lesson Hours,* Payment

* Early Bird Discounted To

Elementary Math,Smart and Fun

Math Smart 5



$620 -- 1 hour × 30 weeks


Math Smart 6/7


Saturday afternoons

Please Ask

Junior Middle Math: Principle and Exploration

Math Junior 8



$685 -- 1 hour × 30 weeks


Math Junior 9+



$468 -- 1 h per week × 18 weeks per one term


High School Math: Principle Series

Math 10
(Intro. HS Math)

Tuesdays, tbd

Saturday mornings /afternoons

$529 -- 1 h per week × 18 weeks per one term

Please Ask

Math 20
(HighSchool Algebra)

Please ask

$560 -- 1 h per week × 18 weeks per one term

Please Ask

Math 30

Contact Us


Please Ask


High School Math: Challenge Series

Math Midlevel Challenge
(grades 9-10)

Friday evevings


$589 - 1.25 hour × 18 weeks per one term

Please Ask

Math HiSchool Challenge
(grade 11)

Saturday mornings, tbd

Mondays, or Sunday afternoons

$589 - 1.25 hour × 18 weeks per one term

Please Ask

Math Elite (g 12)

Contact us

$569 - 1 hour × 18 weeks per one term

Please Ask

Contact Us 。 

High School Math has two series: the Principle series and the Challenge series.
Of the Principle series:
* Math 20, also called High School Algebra,is typically studied in grade 11 (some may be learning at 2nd semester of grade 10).
Through this course, students will learn algebra math systematically (instead of just facts-based). Function methods and non-linear functions (such as quadratics and rational functions) are the focus of this course. Some might be learning short units covering logic and reasoning and circle geometry as well.
Students in grades 10, 11 and exceptional students in grade 9 can take this course.

** Math 30, also called PreCalculus - is studied at grade 12 or grade 11.
The course has focus on the properties and transformations of functions, and involve many concepts and intermediate to advanced math skills. The content of this course can be significantly different depending on the program students enrolled (whether it's Alberta defined or IB curriculum or AP curriculum).
Math 30 from Jonah's Math Corner contains optional enhancement units, and will be delivered to students in accordance to students abilities and true math levels. Interested students and their parents are encouraged to contact us.

The teaching of high school Challenge series is adapted to math competitions: most notably the Canadian national competitions at all levels (organized by University of Waterloo) and Canadian Open Math Challenge (hosted by Canadian Math Society). Opportunities exist for preparing regional / local math competitions in Alberta as well as US regional math league competitions. Please contact us.
Opportunities are there two for students doing exceptional well to participate in international math competitions.

Remarks on the class schedule

The schedule is tentative and there is room for time adjustment.
Final class schedule will be announced no later than one week before classes start, and ALL students /parents registered will be notified at the email.
We reserve the right to cancel a class due to insufficient registration. It is always possible to arrange 1-1 tutoring /coaching.
* Reference fee standard for 1-to-1 tutoring is $50 /hr, and tutoring-at-home may be possible, with an extra fee. Please call us for fee discounts, promotions and special requests. *

We will accommodate to the best of possibility to fit busy your busy activities.

Online Registration Form for Math Lessons: (Fill-in then Click Submit)
Lessons start in September 2018!

1. 我为一个学生报名申请 I Register (on behalf of a student) for

A. 选课:

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B. 联系和报名信息: Contact and Student Information

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    4. 电子邮件:Email:
** 请使用有效的当前电子邮件: 证实收到报名和以后的联系邮件都将发送到此邮箱; We will send confirmation & further notice to this email **

    5. 学生姓名: 姓 Student's Family Name
    名: Student's First Name:
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    7. 当前年级: Current Grade:  

    8. 地址(家住哪个社区): Address (Which community)? .

C. 付费方式: Payment Method
(暂无网上付费; 接受邮寄支票或者面交 -- 来办公室付费); For now there is no online payment; we will contact you.

D. 检查核实输入信息 Check the Input for Accuracy.

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