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Selected problems — Math Kangaroo and scenario of math games

// Remark: this set of problems are fit for students in grade 4 – 6.

// They are not difficult — however, they are good math questions, as concepts or methods from different parts of math are connected — most often, connect numbers with shapes or colors, or to extract number concept from real problems.

Have a try on them — whether you are a pupil or a parent — it’s fun!


Prob 1.

How many yellow squares must you paint RED so that the number of red squares is exactly half of the number of yellow squares?Square-2colors

A) 2    B) 3    C) 4    D) 6    E) this is impossible


Prob 2.

The rectangular glass mirror is broken. broken-glasses
Which of the following is a missing piece? (They are drawn at a smaller scale below).



Prob. 3

The Gurukans have three little daughters. Every daughter has exactly two brothers.

How many people are there in the family?

(A) 5 (B) 7 (C) 8 (D) 9 (E) 11


Prob. 4

The total number of participants in a math club is between 50 and 100. The club teacher wanted to divide them in teams. He tried to group the students in 5, or 6, or 12 per team, and noticed that there were always 3 students left.

How many students are there in the math club?

A) 51   B) 61    C) 63    D) 75    E) Not enough information


// Clues for problem 3, recall what is families / brothers before doing any counting / calculation.

// Clues for problem 4, to answer the problem, recall the following: divisor and multiples, remainders.

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