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Numbers, Expressions

Numbers, properties; expressions involve numbers and variables.

Estimate and guess on the numbers

Smart estimates on the calculation results. If calculation result is an integer, them the simplest guessing technique is using divisors and check the last digit (that is the units-place digit).

There are more involved estimate techniques of expressions. Specifically, radicals can be approximated by fractions, so expressions involved radicals can be approximated.

Smart scrambling of digits onto pyramid to match edge-endpoint equations

The problem is about filling numbers 1 – 11 into all vertices and edges of a tetrahedron, and the numbers assigned to edges equals the numbers assigned to its two endpoints.

(It’s not really scrambling BUT looks like scrambling until you know or find the equalities on edge-endpoint numbers). The problem is interesting — but you got to know where to look, and how to search for a solution!